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Nicole Albanese-Bell LMFT, M.Ed. 


Mrs. Albanese-Bell is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida and New Jersey who is one of the founders of The Hope and Healing Foundation and also is the co-owner of Advanced Client Care LLC, an outpatient mental health group and corporate consultant agency. Her mental health agency also conducts contractual work with Managed Care Concepts for their corporate EAP department. Mrs. Albanese-Bell received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida International University with a double major in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. Mrs. Albanese-Bell continued her higher education receiving a Master of Family Therapy from Drexel University and a Master of Education from Widener University. Nicole is a “Serial Entrepreneur” and has dedicated her life to increasing positive mental health to all cultures she serves.


Cedric J. Bell MHS


Mr. Bell is the Co-Founder of The Hope and Healing Foundation and the co-owner of Advanced Client Care LLC, an outpatient mental health group and corporate consultant agency.  For the past 20+ years, Mr. Bell has been conducting mental health and substance abuse treatment a Master level Mental Health Therapist in a multitude of medical and mental health facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Cedric received his Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University and has also attended Capella’s Ph.D. program during the years of 2002 thru 2006 with a concentration in Counseling and Healthcare Administration.  His experience extends to community outpatient facilities, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities and elementary, middle & high school settings and conducting corporate trainings in several large and small organizations. These opportunities have contributed to his extensive understanding, belief, and practice associated with psychotherapy and how important Mental Health Awareness is important in today's’ society. Mr. Bell works from a strength-based perspective, encouraging self-compassion and positive self-regard for his clients. He believes in establishing a positive working relationship with clients in order to create a healthy therapeutic rapport in order to increase a positive treatment outcome. His treatment modalities consists of, psychodynamic theory, family systems theory, reality theory and cognitive behavioral therapy. Mr Bell prides himself as being a multi-cultural sensitive therapist who consistently believes that incorporating biblical principles in the Psychotherapeutic process of counseling is paramount.  His treatment philosophy for utilizing a more faith based treatment modality coincides with his holistic approach of addressing the mind, body and spirit of his clients.


Mikayla Zapir BA

Ms. Zapir is presently serving as HHF’s Executive Board Secretary and has been with the foundation since its inception. Mikayla works diligently on a daily basis in making sure that the foundation and board directors are in sequence so that operations are running smoothly. Mikayla is always working hard on various projects and she is one of South Florida’s most enthusiastic realtors who has a love and admiration for the art of real estate. She is originally from Montreal Canada, but spent most of her childhood in sunny South Florida. Mikayla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a minor in Leadership from the University of South Florida and her love of helping people goes past my career as a realtor. Mikayla has been involved and assisted in managing several animal rescue organizations, and now looks forward in serving the community through HHF’s community programs. “I am proud to be a part of The Hope and Healing Foundation because there is a huge need of mental health services for the young & Veterans. I am hoping to break the stigma, in any way I possibly can!”

Secondary Educational Liaison

Renee Crabbe M.Ed


Mrs. Crabbe has worked in the educational realm for over 25 years and currently serves as an assistant principal in the Maryland school district which currently serves over 1,500 students. Over the years, Renee has worked in several diverse schools where the student population varied as far as race, social-economic status, and culture. Despite these vast differences, her students shared the commonality of wanting to achieve academic success and financial independence. Renee has stated that her students are facing many challenges in their present lives and the various life challenges have prevented them from obtaining their life goals. Renee and the school district she serves have experienced challenges such as teenage suicide and increased mental health instability within her present school and community.  My interest in serving on The Hope and Healing Foundation, Inc. Executive Board is to help eliminate the stigma through K-12 educational supports, suicide awareness, and suicide prevention. It is my pleasure to join forces with The Hope & Healing Foundation, Inc. to support school systems in providing prompt resources for students who suffer from mental health issues by connecting them to therapists and ongoing wrap-around services.

Director of College Peer Support Services

Johanna Chiang (Jc)


Ms. Chiang is currently a sophomore at the University of Florida, majoring in nursing with a minor in disabilities, and family youth and community sciences. Jc is presently on a track to become an Registered Nurse and has intentions on earning a master’s in nursing so she can pursue becoming a family nurse practitioner. Many members of Jc’s family have experienced different types of disabilities therefore she wants to better educate herself on the effects of these disabilities and what she can do to create more awareness and research. Since the age of eighteen, Jc has been fascinated by the multiculturalism, particularly due to being intertwined socially aware of how the differences in economics and cultures can affect a family’s development. Jc believes that both of her present undergrad studies and future graduate education will better help her to understanding and connect with people she may encounter in the healthcare field while striving to  become a social change agent. Ms. Chiang is now serving as the “Director of College Peer Support Services” at the University of Florida and other affiliate Universities/Colleges.

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